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Thank you for stopping by.  Do you know how important you are? You have the potential to change the world! You are creative, imaginative, and engaging. Yes, YOU! Envision the exponential of your potential with two of you, ten of you, hundreds of you, and thousands of you! Sowing good seed into one another is powerful.

This little corner of the blog universe will provide the inspiration, information, and collaboration we all need to grow purposefully.

Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or a smoothie…there is much to share. Please visit often, we’ll keep the light on.

Passion that begins with purpose and cultivates encouragement will bear fruit and grow.  -CKaeha

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I’ll Try to Pencil You In

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There’s a saying, I’m running on empty…

That never made sense to me. Yet, I still would throw it out into the atmosphere like it would somehow give me more clarity about what I had to do next. Many of us find ourselves with too much day and not enough time.  Just how many activities would it take to empty my tank?

Are you running to, for, or from?

I would be hard pressed to not encounter someone hurrying, literally, everywhere I go. In fact, just today I found myself hurrying through several tasks after experiencing  unexpected delays. We hurry through breakfast, signing report cards, dropping our kids at school, driving to work, getting groceries, stopping for gas, and even through family time at the end of the day. We hurry through every task so we can squeeze more “stuff” into our day.

image- Joyce Meyers Quote

Run with Intent

A good run requires a good rest. If we are going to run well we need to rest well. God did not create us to be busy. He created us to flourish and grow and share and love and fellowship with Him and with one another.  Our run must first be to the throne of God where we can lay down our burdens.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  –  Jesus

If we are to run the good race and persevere, we need to run with intent. We need to Run the Race of Faith We look forward to the finish line but our race is practiced, paced, persistent, and unhurried.

The Rest Improves the Run

Rest with Intent

Good rest improves the run. Our rest must be as intentional as our run. Just as there are seasons of growth in Spring and Summer and seasons of rest in Fall and Winter, we must recognize the importance of the Rest that prepares us for our Run.

I am guilty of running without purpose and then collapsing without resting. But God has been speaking to me about that, and I thought I would share it with you. ❤

Scripture reference

Matthew 11:28, Hebrews 12:1-2



image "My Lord leads me, loves me"
Because God loves you, He will never lead you to a place He hasn’t already breathed life into

There is something beyond epic about trusting God with your won’t, your can’t, and your haven’t!

God shows up when you won’t

Ever plan an event, a gift, or celebration, that you put your whole heart into?  – Painstakingly crafting every detail?  – Smiling while you worked and created?  – Eagerly awaiting the moment to arrive? – Then your guest refuses to show up? God doesn’t mope. He keeps calling!

God shows up when you can’t

Ever pray all night for someone you love because they are battling a wasteland of fear, doubt, despair, and worry, without heavenly weapons?  They can’t see the promise, nor God’s Hand extended…God never leaves you!

God shows up when you haven’t

Ever keep the porch light on and dinner warm, even though you have been repeatedly stood up? …God always keeps His light on!

Leadership Excellence 5 - Impossible Until It's Done

God’s Love For You Is Relentless! He makes everything new. He gives you a crown of beauty for ashes.  When you pass through the waters He will be with you.  When you pass through the rivers they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire you will not be burned. He is doing a new thing, do you not see it? He will make a road in the wilderness and rivers in the desert. Call to Him and He will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. His thoughts and ways are Heavenly and  higher than anything you can imagine. Do not be afraid, God is with you. His plans for YOU are for good, to give you a hope and a future. He will listen to you when you call on Him and pray to Him.

I know some mountains seem too high to climb and some valleys seem to dark too navigate, but God is a God of miracles. He levels the mountains and breaks down barriers that are between you and His Best for you!

For with God nothing shall be impossible

– Luke 1:37

Trust in the Lord with all your heart,
And lean not on your own understanding;
In all your ways acknowledge Him,
And He shall direct your paths.

-Jeremiah 29:11

Additional Scripture Reference:  Isaiah 54:10, Revelation 21:5, Isaiah 61:3, Isaiah 43:2, Isaiah 43:19, Jeremiah 33:3,  Isaiah 55:9, Isaiah 41:10, Jeremiah 29:11-12, Psalm 77:14, Isaiah 45:2




What Are You Waiting For?

"Growth can be uncomfortable - even painful! It requires leaving the security of where you've lingered, to step into the abundance of where you are supposed to be. " - Carmela Kaeha
Growth requires you to step out of your comfort zone!

Ever notice how we are always waiting on something?

Waiting can be annoying. Waiting can be painful. Sometimes, waiting is an excuse! We wait in line to order our coffee, or food. We wait for our order to be filled. We might be waiting inside the lobby or we might be in the drive-thru, but either way, we are waiting.

What about those times when our self-doubt causes us to wait? Like: Wait until we feel more confident. Wait until God gives us another sign. Wait until the timing is perfect.

The only timing that is perfect is God’s timing.

Stepping out in faith will never ever be in our earthly view of perfect timing. It requires a deep and intimate relationship with God; praying and reading His Word. Trusting God is tough 24/7.  Just remember, God delights in us and He gets the glory when He works miracles through us and equips those He has called.

Fear of failure is crippling. God wants to get up and walk. So, what are you waiting for?

#forwardprogress #sureandsteady #onestepatatime 🐢The plans of the diligent lead to profit as surely as haste leads to poverty. (Proverbs 21:5) 🐢I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my loving eye on you. (Psalm 32:8)


The Legacy of the Lei: A Symbol of Aloha

image collage of lei history

Aloha is Hospitality, Kindness, Forgiveness, Beauty, and Love. It benefits everyone! The Hawaiian lei is a lovely symbol of Aloha… it provides a loving and unconditional “welcome”

Image of King Kamehameha adorned in leis
Royal Leis for King Kamehameha

Lei Résumé:

Its objective

A gesture to welcome visitors, be lovely, be fragrant, bring joy, represent hospitality, show kindness, and encourage community.

image of shell lei
Ni’ihau Shells

Its origin

Leis were once made of hair, feathers, shells, bone, leaves, vines, flowers and even teeth. Materials used were associated to certain cultural beliefs and superstitions. Maile (leafy fragrant vine), associated with a spiritual connection to the forest, was and still is a highly favored lei material, dating back to 750 A.D. when the Hawaiian Islands were first settled.

Its growth

 Seeds, leaves , vines, kukui, feathers ,and flowers like Ilima and Pikake, are still used to create magnificent garlands. The flowers from the hala fruit are connected to love and desire. In addition to the traditional style, many leis are now comprised of candy, money and various textiles like fur and specialized yarns. A symphony of techniques from the past and mixed with current design, make up the crafting of a lei. There still exists an etiquette in receiving a lei: do not refuse the gesture (unless you are highly allergic to the material).

Its impact 

The lei has never lost its symbolic character. It has however, grown in its attributes and skill set to bring cheer to the giver and receiver. Each year on May 1st, Hawaii celebrates Lei Day to commemorate the culture, history and symbolic nature of the lei. It is globally recognized as a tangible symbol of the versatile and comprehensive qualities of Aloha

close-up image of orchid lei
Orchid lei

Lei Legacy

The lei, as a symbol and gift of Aloha, is used in countless capacities, from welcoming new arrivals, to celebrating a wedding, graduation, promotion, birthday, reunions, or even paying respect to a passing loved one. Here are the attributes that will never go out of style:

  • Welcoming and Encouraging
  • Soothing and Gentle
  • Beautiful and Fragrant
  • Delightful and Positive
  • Globally recognized
  • Doesn’t discriminate

image collage of leis

Author’s personal note:

In 2005 I launched a journey of encouragement, love, kindness, and hospitality…sharing the “Gifts of Aloha” is still my tagline. I began designing and creating permanent leis, each labeled with a message of encouragement. In 2017 I will return to that quest. All in God’s timing! Check back or follow so you are notified when I post pictures of them and perhaps I will be inspired to post some how-to videos!

 Be sure and check out this great YouTube Video entitled, “Making a Maile Lei”, by user harley anna. The tutorial well done and music is wonderful:

3 Mashable Reviews!

#1 Sewing Hope

Written for Mashable by JOHNNY LIEU on November 6, 2016

This article is sure to inspire…

This article will appeal to all ages, genders, and ethnicity, because it deals with kindness, giving, caring. It’s a true story of a 12 year old boy, named Campbell that sews bears for sick children.

What is so inspiring?

Campbell learned that stress makes cancer stronger, so he wanted to make a bear that could help relieve stress and bring a smile to sick children. When his dad contracted cancer, Campbell gave his dad a “magic” bear. His dad is still cancer free.

I can’t help but wonder…

  • Could Campbell inspire children and adults to do the same?
  • Would children and adults find joy in helping others?
  • Could kindness like this, become a trend?
  • Could kindness, collaboration, and love beat cancer?

My Response

I’m inspired by this young man and am very pleased that Mashable featured his story of giving and caring!

#2 A Circle of Gratitude

image showing the title This story promoted by American Greetings #ThankList Campaign and featured on Mashable

This article is sure to inspire…

The video and article is more than just sharing, caring, and connections. It speaks to anyone and everyone that longs to be noticed, or has a loved one that has talents and gifts to share with the world.

It is a short story about growing through connecting with compassionate people that delight in the success of others.

What is so inspiring?

A gifted young man named Andrew, through loving and caring friends and family, helped birth a specialized school named Exceptional Minds.  The school was created by an animation director whose life was changed and enriched by Andrew. Young adults with autism learn about visual effects, animation, and employment in the entertainment industry. Caring and sharing produces a domino effect.

I can’t help but wonder…

  • How to offer this program on every campus?
  • What other fields of interest might be offered?
  • How I might help to impact others?

 My Response

Technically speaking, autism in itself is not addressed, however, recognizing that everyone has a talent worth nurturing and sharing, is!

#3 Here’s what happens when grandparents learn to use Snapchat

A Mashable Lifestyle article written by ARILYN LA JEUNESSE December 7, 2015

This article is sure to inspire…

This lighthearted article will likely entertain a majority of grandparents, parents, and grandkids old enough to use Snapchat. It might inspire others to give it a try.

What is so inspiring?

The article explains that DoSomething.org joined forces with Mentor Up for a campaign called Grandparents Get Wired which taught seniors how to use smart phones to prevent isolation by staying connected with their families. Their younger family members were coached on how to teach and encourage grandparents to use social media apps such as Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, and even how to take selfies.

I can’t help but wonder know…

  • Some grandparents use Snapchat likely do it at the request of their grandkids
  • Grandkids that talked their grandparents into using Snapchat regret it after they get endless filtered snaps

My Response

Connecting with younger family members using unlikely media can be fun or awkward. But for sure, there is never a dull moment!

image of gramma using snapchat filter
yup I went there

365 wonderful words like: puppies and ice cream

Everyone has inside them a piece of good news. The good news is you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is. -Anne Frank

A collage of puppies and ice cream
Who doesn’t love puppies and ice cream?

We all have amazing potential

Can anyone say puppy or ice cream without smiling? How about stringing those together such as, the adorable puppy loves sharing my ice cream. Those are the kind of words, and word strings, that easily create a pleasant atmosphere in one’s mind. Words are very powerful and depending on the words we choose, can either encourage or discourage.

Why should I encourage?

Encourage is described as a verb to stimulate spiritually. Its many synonyms include: applaud, brighten, cheer, comfort, console, embolden, energize, enliven, excite, exhilarate, fortify, gladden, praise, reassure, refresh, restore, revitalize, and strengthen. Our vocabulary is rich with words that can trigger a smile or joyful thought. Imagine what an immediate change there could be if everyone spoke kindness. Here are simple and very basic ways to incorporate encouragement in your daily routine (remember to smile):

  • Say thank you, to the grocery clerk
  • Say good morning, to your co-workers
  • Greet as you hold open someone’s door

But I am often discouraged!

Discourage is defined:to deprive of courage, hope, or confidence; dishearten; dispirit. Words of discouragement break down both parties in an exchange. Whether it is texted, published, sung, or spoken; discouragement destroys. It is like a cancer to the giver and receiver. Encouraging others lifts your spirits. My personal go-to is the bible, and I read the promises that belong to all His Creation.

Here is a very interesting 94 second video that briefly explains a fascinating scientific discovery about how words affect a water molecule!

Try it, you’ll like it!

Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason a water molecule responds positively. We each possess the power to encourage rather than discourage. When given a choice to build up or tear down, it is beneficial to both the speaker and the hearer, to speak in a way that is encouraging. Look for ways to speak words of encouragement every day of the year, everywhere you go, because so many in this world are hurting. Who knows, you might end up with a puppy or an ice cream!

an image collage of pleasing florals and kind words
Everyone has the potential to be be encouraging!

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