I’ll Try to Pencil You In

 There’s a saying, I’m running on empty…

That never made sense to me. Yet, I still would throw it out into the atmosphere like it would somehow give me more clarity about what I had to do next. Many of us find ourselves with too much day and not enough time.  Just how many activities would it take to empty my tank?

Are you running to, for, or from?

I would be hard pressed to not encounter someone hurrying, literally, everywhere I go. In fact, just today I found myself hurrying through several tasks after experiencing  unexpected delays. We hurry through breakfast, signing report cards, dropping our kids at school, driving to work, getting groceries, stopping for gas, and even through family time at the end of the day. We hurry through every task so we can squeeze more “stuff” into our day.

image- Joyce Meyers Quote

Run with Intent

A good run requires a good rest. If we are going to run well we need to rest well. God did not create us to be busy. He created us to flourish and grow and share and love and fellowship with Him and with one another.  Our run must first be to the throne of God where we can lay down our burdens.

Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.  –  Jesus

If we are to run the good race and persevere, we need to run with intent. We need to Run the Race of Faith We look forward to the finish line but our race is practiced, paced, persistent, and unhurried.

The Rest Improves the Run

Rest with Intent

Good rest improves the run. Our rest must be as intentional as our run. Just as there are seasons of growth in Spring and Summer and seasons of rest in Fall and Winter, we must recognize the importance of the Rest that prepares us for our Run.

I am guilty of running without purpose and then collapsing without resting. But God has been speaking to me about that, and I thought I would share it with you. ❤

Scripture reference

Matthew 11:28, Hebrews 12:1-2


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