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Turn adversity into opportunity

My name is Carmela Kaeha. I am mom, grandma, saved by Grace, and an MSJC FYE Mentor to first year college students. After 30 plus years in an administrative management, I returned to college full time to study Visual Arts, Communication and Leadership. My specialty is encouraging and fostering efficiency growth. My goal is to use my gifts, talents, and passion to engage and grow communities that are prepared and equipped to thrive in any circumstance. Some of the causes and topics I am passionate about are:

  • Faith, Family, Community
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Community Food Pantries
  • Community Gardening
  • Efficiencies and Remedies
  • Providing for the Homeless
  • Ending Food Waste
  • Public Safety
  • Joy and Hope

Passion that begins with purpose and cultivates encouragement will bear fruit and grow – CKaeha


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